More About Us

BESTCHAF is a charitable Non-Governmental Organization providing social service needed. We blend programs and services for the marginalized in society ie. Orphans, Vulnerable youth, Street children, Widows and Widowers, physically and mentally challenged people and last but not the least Vulnerable adults to maximize their potentials in life.

Our Programs include Donating of Essential items to our target groups. Work programs in life skills acquisitions and education training leading to job placements, entrepreneurship and information technology programs targeting the disadvantaged and the youth in society.

BESTCHAF works closely in line with national, governmental organization, international charities and volunteering programs seeking to increase its effectiveness in working with our target group.>


The income of Bestchaf shall be derived from sponsorship, ads, donation by Bestchaf internally and internationally. Also income will be generated by the organization through its income generating arm towards the development of the country and the world through the nurturing of their talents and maximizing their potentials in life to the fullness

Using donations, education, skill acquisition and aid in trade to better the lives of the marginalized in Ghana and beyond

Our vision is to meet the very essential and vital needs and also channeling of hope to the less-privileged in society

BESTCHAF believes in its leadership role to help build a healthy community not only with the chores, but with socialization as well. We work with our donors, staff, community leaders and partner organizations to improve quality of life for all

Our Approach

To advance the educational training skills of the youth and disadvantaged or marginalized in the society. To safe guard the right and well being of our target group giving particular attention to divers range of issues affecting them.
Bestchaf is an organization through research have come to realize that when it comes to accessibility of person with disabilities to public facilities that is schools, hospitals, banks, places of convenience they are not considered.
They are continuously discriminated against and depraved of their rights which as an N.G.O we intend to advocate for their right as the Convention on the right of persons with disabilities have given us the mandate to lobby the govern and other agencies in its implementation so that they can contribute positively towards the development of the country and the world through the nurturing of their talents and maximize their potentials in life to the fullness
Bestchaf intend to provide assistance in the form of information communication technology, infrastructural development of schools especially in the rural areas in the country. Provide non formal education to our target group
Bestchaf intend to provide support in life skills acquisition for the less-privilege and vulnerable in the society to contribute towards the socio-economic development of the country
Bestchaf creates awareness on health issues affecting our target group which we have started with diabetes and substance abuse which Bestchaf believes is going to help sensitize the public on how to live a proper health life style
The convention on the Right of the child (Article 4) governments have a responsible to take all available measures to make sure children Rights are respected, protected and fulfilled. They must help families protect children Rights and create an environment where they can grow and reach their potential As an N.G.O we have started talks in schools on the harmful effects of bullying
Equality that is advocating for the right of women and children to have the same privileges as men and also creating an enabling environment for them to have access to education, healthcare and empowerment for as the a doge goes if you educate a man you educate an individual but if you educate a woman you educate a nation and also protecting from domestic violence through advocacy
Donating of food items to our target group is one of our main aims. We are in a region where disasters occur rampantly due to global warming